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Wisconsin's Leading Alternative Investment Club


The Wisconsin Private Equity Club (WPEC) is a student-run organization dedicated to those who have an interest in private equity and other alternative investment classes. The club was established in 2024 by a group of students interested in expanding Wisconsin's presence in the private equity industry. The organization's primary mandate is to provide a fundamental education and introduction to private equity, private credit, and venture capital investing.

Our Programs

Interactive Deal Experiences

Led by upperclassmen, teams of students will experience a simulated private equity investment and pitch their ideas to industry professionals. These projects enable and encourage students to apply their knowledge to real-world investments. 

Private Capital Conference

An annual conference hosted by the Wisconsin School of Business that brings together successful professionals in the private capital industry. This event will include panels covering private equity, private credit, and adjacent industries.

Private Equity Curriculum

WPEC hosts events and programs throughout the year to educate and prepare students for professional opportunities in private equity. Students can participate in speaker events and private equity workshops.

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